Sunday, January 31, 2010

PROJECT RELEASE: ALC662 Front Mic Solution

ALC 662 Front Mic Kext
Project Release Date: Feb 02 2009, 23:30
Project Status: BLUE | MATURE 
Project Mac OS X Version: 10.5.6 up to 10.5.8
Project File Official Download Link:

Original Post:

This is a edited kext version to allow front mic back, for those who use earphones with mic on the same piece, so we dont have to extend the cable between the front earphone,

This version DOES NOT repeat the same sounds on headphone and back audio, they are seem separated so Skype can be configured this way alowing you to listena music on itunes on the back soundboxes and listen to someone's voice separated on headphone.

How does it looks in other 662 ?

here my results for GA-945GCM-S2L:

Here are my results:

Line Out (green back) working.
Line In (blue back) doesnt works.
Mic (pink back) working (but u have to choose mic number 2).
Headphones (green front) working very nice biggrin.gif .
Mic (pink front) working as mic2 (yes, the same from back, i see no problem anyway).
Digital Out (Orange)? (can't test it, I don't have it)

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