Thursday, April 8, 2010


A small explanation on this table.

1 - ALL the boards on the table will have a Cartri Mac Edition BIOS.

2 - The Status Order of a board is:
  1. Checking of Diffs & Grouping (done to all boards except UD3P v1.0/1.1/1.2, which WILL BE DONE AGAIN)
  2. Code Porting
  3. Alpha Needed
  4. Alpha Create / Alpha Paused
  5. Alpha Running
And there goes some answers to Frequently asked questions:

4- The table speaks for itself and includes no P41 or P35 boards. This is due to the fact that these boards, indeed applicable to some features on the project, have less chances (almost none) of achieving the project final status objective: A FULL BOOTABLE VANILLA SYSTEM.

5- I'm VERY MUCH interested on increasing what i done until now and what i pretend to do to P55 and X58 boards. AND intel boards. the reasons for that are:
  • X58+ICH10 are native MacPro4,1 models. Im drooling to start messing with em.
  • P55 are imac11,1
  • All these boards have 16Mbit (2MB) Bios Chips, with space left to lots of code, compared to actual 8Mbit chips of P4x. That would open space for some stuff.
  • Intel boards have a feature that i want to port to Gigabyte boards: a special module which mekes em different.
6 - Why I don't talk much about what i'm doing before i already done?
  • Cat and Rat game.
I have some trump cards up my sleeve that i cant release before the thing becomes completely impossible do disinvent, this has 2 sides:
Gigabyte seems becoming more comprehensive on the fact that they will sell more if they create better bioses, and gives OSX86 users a better experience, since their users are not housekeepers, but IT involved people, who knows what ASL and ACPI means. Looks like Gigabyte Taiwan got the idea, by asking for defining darwin on the bios, but Gigabyte China (where the bios is made) doesnt. They Shall have some reason to use a 5 years old ASL compiler from Microsoft instead of the free and actual intel-ASL (the iASL all hackintosher uses).

On this I would like to directly and openly argument on GB China Bios Team: we are on the same side, i'm not trying to underestimate your job, but you guys need to understand - or make your bosses understand - that new technologies on the soft part must accompany the great tech GB does on the hardware side.
Booting GUID Partition Tables is not a hackintosh thing, is a technology as any other and your boards are completely capable of doing so.You don't need to stop using Award Licensed Bios for that, you only need to add or modify a module just like Intel did on their boards, that shows how you can boot a EFI partition WITHOUT REPLACING THE BIOS WITH AN EFI, again, YOU JUS NEED A MODULE INSIDE THE ACTUAL BIOS! Also if any of your teams or team members from ANYWHERE want to make DIRECT contact with me regarding anything, im offering myself to HELP you, we are NOT ON OPPOSITE SIDES.

On the other side is Apple, which is starting to look bad at hackintoshes, no longer seeing us as "the small fishes who cleans the whale", statistics increasers for safary and OSX usage and future apple-buyers (what we all are, and in fact 3 major reasons that makes us something that increases Apple Market Value and as so something to be untouched) but as something to be vanished or at least frozen where it is as they showed on 10.6.3 update, and I don't want to invent something that could trow the OSX86 community under the same game iphone jail-breakers got. We are not pirates. We like you software, we like your hardware, but we are a kind of public that you are ignoring: NO apple line satisfies people from the called "grey market" which is not grey, but as colored as your 80's logo. We need to have a tower with a normal price that can be configured and changed as fast as the OPEN I.T. Market does. (Mac Pro costs a MINIMUM of 4 to 5 THOUSAND dollars in Brazil, and stop blaming the government: its being cheaper to go to US, buy a Mac Pro, come back to Brazil with it legally paying ALL the SAME taxes you would - in fact higher then you would as we are physical persons - then buying it from you in Brazil with delays and etc. YES YOU ARE OFF MARKET AND NEEDS TO ADAPT)

7 - Where is your source code?

Inside the bios itself, if you don't know how to decompress and decompile a bios, you should not be messing with it. As for the ACPI tables, they can be easily extracted in any of the 3 supported OSs, but id like to make something clear: I DONT USE iASL BUT MS-ASL, so for instance, in 0.7m dsdt where you all read:

Device (PIC)
Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0000"))
Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate ()
IO (Decode16,
0x0020, // Range Minimum
0x0020, // Range Maximum
0x01, // Alignment
0x02, // Length
IO (Decode16,
0x00A0, // Range Minimum
0x00A0, // Range Maximum
0x01, // Alignment
0x02, // Length

i have to work with and write as:

Name(_HID, 0xd041)
Name(_CRS, Buffer(0x12)
0x47, 0x01, 0x20, 0x00, 0x20, 0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x47, 0x01, 0xa0, 0x00,
0xa0, 0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x79, 0x00

or it wont compile. So YES, i know what im doing, and NO, im not "stealing" anyoneelse codes, im just making it COMPILABLE by the very same tools anyone would use, and i have to do it on ms-asl in order to keep bios updatable.

Also, there is a huge public of persons who DONT WANNA KNOW WHAT ALL THAT MEANS, and just want things SIMPLY working WITHOUT BREAKING WINDOWS & LINUX COMPATIBILITY, and in that what i do differ completely from what dsdt replacements by bootloaders does - final dash on this, ok?

8 - I heard of Rio floods, are you fine? Is the Project HD fine? The data is backed up?

Yes, Yes, & Yes

Thanks for everyone who asked about me and my known people, to every early/closer tester who asked about my health before the floods, thanks for every "guy, you should sleep" i received, and to every donator who said thanks to this idea and its manifestation trough this blog.

About the Rio floods, Its still raining, and i'll put some pics of how deep the situation is:

About the hard disk...

it is fine and all data is backed up as well, thanks for asking. Im fine too, just some drips in the room, nothing else.


iPadDev said...

Great news you are thinking about expanding to x58, I was about to get an x58 board with kakewalk but would much rather have a BIOS w/DSDT and not use the chameleon + dsdt method for stability reasons. I guess in a year or so I will snag a cheap x58 with your bios you plan on making :).

I am making a tutorial that goes through the buying process and installation process using your BIOS. I am hoping that the installation section will be very short and simple :)

PS: Crazy pictures from Rio glad you and your family are alright, and your data of course :)

Laberlohe said...

Hi Cartri,

i'd like to apply as Guinea-pig, lab-rat or alpha-tester. I running an EP43-UD3L with Pentium E6300 and ATi HD4850.

Unfortunately your postbox at insanely-mac dislikes me...

Cartri said...

Hi, i need more alpha testers on EP43-UD3L, the feedback as for now has been too small to keep the board up-to-date with the latest versions of the project.
Soon all the problems on PMs and contact with me will be solved, for now you can send your info again with the e-mail you want to apply to the mail that appears when you click the "donate"button on the site (you dont have to complete the donation to see the mail).

A complete re-structure of the project is on the way, and whoever is already in the boat will have some priviledge.
Thanks for applying.

(About the pictures, the one that DEFINES how people in Rio de Janeiro reacts to things is the one of the guy who leaves his car and picks a paddle boat from the lake to move trough the streets, lol)

Anonymous said...

Very good update. I like the paddler :)

DanielSan said...

hey cartri! great words from a great programmer!

keep up the good work and show the Apple and GB people what kind of awesome things can be done with their great hard and software!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your situation in brazil!

Kind regards from a German fan!


Gunter The Dog said...

Hi cartri,

i've been reading your topic since some time and im impressed of your top job and the responses of others using your moded BIOSes :)

i want to be an alpha tester. my specs:

motherboard: GA-EP43-DS3
email: vatonev [at]

i tried to PM you on insanely but your inbox is full

hope everything's gonna be fine with brazil

regards from bulqaria :)

Sean said...

Although this request is definitely self serving, when and if you tackle the p55 boards could you start with the p55-UD2 bios as this seems to be the most commonly used p55 Gigabyte board used for hackintoshes. Keep up the good work!!!!!


Sean said...

PS, definitely would be a alpha/beta tester. My ID on insanelymac is dudedudedude.


StyliSh-i said...

will it happen for my G31M-ES2L or should i be looking at the ones above? Great work :)

Бурков Андрей said...

Hello! I want ot ask is it possible to port your macbios code to Abit boards? I'v got Abit IP35 Pro and can't get normal sound working with any enablers...

NipsMG said...

I just bought a EP45-DS3L due to your amazing work. Keep it up!.

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