Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RELEASE: EP43-UD3L Mac Bios 0.7h

GA-EP43-UD3L Mac Edition Bios
Project Start Date: Feb 10 2010, 12:30
Project Status: GREEN | ACTIVE 
Project Mac OS X Version: 10.4.x, 10.5.x 10.6.x
Project Windows Versions: Vista and Windows7
Project Linux tested Versions: Ubuntu 9.10
Project Release Version: v0.7h

Version Official Download Link:


This Download consists on 4 files:
1 - Readme.txt with warnings in english and portuguese
2 - Mac Bios Manual.pdf with full illustrated documentation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting for the bios files
3 - 3UD3LFSC.07h - The Bios file for full-screen (4x3) Displays
4 - 3UD3LWID.07h - The Bios file for Widescreen (16x10) Displays

Please feedback commenting here at the blog! 
I'm unable to follow so many forums on this project!

DISCLAIMER: Flashing your bios is a risky operation. Follow the procedures included on your downloaded zip file to use your system without risk. If anything goes wrong, this motherboard has 2 bioses and one can be recovered from the other chip. EVEN THEN THERE COULD BE ERRORS. By using these files you take responsability for any damage they could cause to anything.
All files provided until v0.7h have been sucessfully tested under both Linux (Ubuntu 9.10), Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6.2.
For complete sleep capability, 10.6.2 maybe needed with it's 3 energy saving options marked.


alvise said...

You are doing a great work!
I'm quite sure to change my bios, but...will be possible to re-flash the board with a official bios release?of any version?
thank you!

Cartri said...

Yes you can!
All the bios files are gigabyte official bioses edited not that much tha you wouldnt be recognized by Gigabyte as a gigabyte board, you are still able to use the windows GB programs, etc, and of course flash back and forward your bios with a non-mac-edition bios.
Anything, just post!

alvise said...

Flashed the bios and installed Snow leopard 10.6.2 with no BIG problems.
Without the *special* bios i was having big problems with the integrated audio of my ep45-UD3L...now it sounds good!
Thank you for the great work.


yasin said...

can ı ask a stupid question
my board is ga-965p-ds4 rev1 can ı do this for my mobo or can you suggestion another file to dsdt.aml thanks

Anonymous said...

Cartri I tried your BIOS, but it seems it doesn't like the NETKAS ATI driver for my 4890. Below is the boot crash:


clemsyn said...

Hi, tried your bios but only shutdown works. It also gives me the CMOS reset on the bios upon reboot from snow 10.6.2. Sleep turns off the screen but computer is still running and won't wake up. Restart turns off the screen and seems to reboot but does not. I followed the instructions but initially forgot the Disable DMI upgrade. I reflashed to original bios and to your BIOS with the Disable DMI upgrade but still the same. I don't have OpenRestart. Without NullCPUPowermanagement, I get Kernel Panic on 64 bit (but works on 32 bit). Any ideas? Please let me know. Here are my specs.

Snow Leopard 10.6.2 64 bit
4gb memory
GT220 Nvidia (Nvenabler)

Cartri said...

Just a clarification:


That being said, id like to thanks all the feedback everybody is giving, and to add that indeed some functions are still not on this bios FURTHER VERSIONS will come with NEW CAPACITIES, for better helping you all better, id like to have further infos on your systems.

Thanks for all incompatibilities you are all commenting, this will be researched and fixed, and the manual will have your information added.

about the actual issues:
thanks for the report with screenshot on the crash, the information is usefull, will be analized and further patched.

Clemsyn, can you please specify every hack you are using (any kexts, the bootloader, etc) and the mac model you are using in smbios?

tranxuanngoc said...

Hi cartri
I am using your bios for my mainboard ep43-ds3l
But idont know how to install snow on my pc .
you said without dsdt.aml , mean i dont need copy it to folder extra on snow hdd ?
can u link me a guilde install snow with using your bios ?

Chris said...

Hi, I flashed successfully, but 10.6.2 has no audio.
I'm using fakesmc, LegacyHDA, IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.
No dsdt.aml
Boot flags are -v arch=i386 DSDT=cartri
I couldn't get it to boot without CPUPMDisabler.
Still no audio.
CPU is core2quad 2.66, 6mb cache. 4GB ram

let me know what other info you need.

Cartri said...

hey chris, your problem is very strange to what has been tested until now. i'll analyze back the released code and see if there is nothing wrong
See also if you have macmodel set to MacPro3,1 at SMbios.plist. but what you said about CMOS reset.... THAT I have to check.

Chris said...

Thanks... I definitely set the model to MacPro3,1 - good idea though.
Do you recommend 32-bit or 64-bit mode?
Most of my test attempts have been in 32-bit.

Cartri said...

MacPro3,1 maybe needed to powermanagement to load.
here i use 64bit (im a G1 owner too, 45-UD3L, we have the same code on the bios - before and after the modification)

Chris said...

I'm wondering if the flash worked - I only see the 'mac' boot logo occasionally during boot. I wonder if the motherboard is loading the original bios image or something. If I follow the instructions exactly, I see the mac logo on first boot only. Then when the boot loader pops up, i power off, and set bios settings as per the instructions. When I F10 save and exit, I don't see the mac logo again, even if i soft or hard reboot.....

Cartri said...

Hey Chris, thanks for using the blog for report, it makes thing much more organized to me.
I really guess that the system is picking up the bios back from the backup bios. I will try to recompile and repost your motherboard bios this weekend and make sure that there is no error on the code (and maybe update some easter eggs too =D )

Cartri said...

Oh,and Chris, remember to re-flash DISABLING "Keep DMI data" and ENABLING "Reset CMOS" and powering off by F10 after flash, see if that solves you

Chris said...

Tried that 3 times this morning, no help.
I also tried unplugging power after F10 power off, no help there either. :-/

Chris said...

Is it ok that I am using PC EFI 10.6?
I'm using GraphicsEnabler=Yes, could that cause problems? I'm not using any graphics related kexts though, just stock ATI.

When I use DSDT=cartri I get KP in com.apple.ATIRadeonX2000

Does that help at all?

Chris said...

(sorry for all the posts, I was getting errors from blogspot and assumed the post had failed)

Chris said...

Wow, I MUST be distracted -- I just got the easter egg joke!

Arya said...

just try your bios today...
my system :
EP43-UD3L rev 1.0
Q8400 Core2Quad
Geforce 9600 GT PCI-E 512 MB
4 GB DDR2 800 G-Skill
500 GB SATA HDD (snow leopard 64 bit)
80 GB ATA (leopard)

system : 10.6.3 Snow Leopard 64 bit
patch :
- using 10.6.2 applehda for enable sound using DSDT
- Extra kext : fakesmc, LegacyHDA, JMircron ATA (for enable ata disk on64 bit snow), NulCPUPowerManagement, OpenhaltRestart
- Graphic Enabler from bootloader
- Chameleon 2.0 RC5pre build 115

tested : v0.7h
follow your instruction. boot using DSDT=cartri (dsdt.aml still in /Extra
system work just fine (i think is still using the dsdt.aml)
but when i remove the dsdt.aml sound not working, Graphic enabler not working, i have a cmos reset (just like i dont have/use the dsdt.aml) so i guess its still not working for me..
and tested without nullcpupm n dsdt.aml --> KP

Dradis said...

Hi, Cartri. Thanks for all your hard work. I installed your BIOS today and followed the directions exactly. I am also having the CMOS reset error, and sleep isnt working either. When I choose sleep, the computer sounds like its about to go to sleep, but then it "wakes up" before the screen even goes black. Then I get warnings about drives being improperly ejected. The good news is restart is working for me!

I am getting no audio/graphics drivers but i'm assuming thats because I have to inject those kexts now that i'm not using the DSDT file. I'm holding off on doing that because I want to keep my system clean incase I go back to the DSDT.

If you want any log files or screen shots just let me know. Thanks.

OS X 10.6.1
Intel Q9550 quad core
Intel X25-M 80GB SSD operating system drive
NVidia 8400GS PCIe

According to Hardware Overview in about this mac, I have a mac pro 2,1. How do I change this to 3,1 and do I need to?

Антон said...

Hi. First of all - really thanks for that stuff! Today i have use your bios for EP45-UD3LR and all is works great

But with EP43-UD3L i have a trouble, like some people here - CMOS reset error and kernel panics with IntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

I found, that cause of these problems is not working AppleHPET

Now i need to back to DSDT, but really hope this is temporary

Cartri said...

Hello, EP43-UD3L unfortunately had bad alpha reports (people saying it was all ok, but when file was released everything seems different)
Im working on a complete reorganization of this project, its downloads, its alpha proccess and everything related in order to provide a better final result to the user, less confusion, more direct information, more direct feedback, and as a result, more free time for me to work on further bioses.
Its almost complete, tomorrow night maximum ill have a big anouncement to make, and maybe i can do it still today. lets see how things go, its almost everything ready.
I hope everybody likes, and that the project can increase in speed and quality after this effort im doing now.

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