Monday, March 15, 2010

Group 2 Alpha Testing Delayed

Hey people
I wanna first appologize to all the alpha testers for the delayed status of the files for this weekend but my machine just suffered some strange RAM behavior after a eletric blackout at the house... i had to reformat my second HD - where the project files were (DONT PANIC - ITS EVERYTHING 3x BACKUPED!) and Reinstall Win7 (where the project is built) + Linux + XP32bit (for some testig purposes) - and im untill now with the machine opened testing slots and sticks of RAM... seems like now they became more sensitive.... each one likes better a slot and... go understand that.

So if you are a alpha tester reading this, here comes my apologize, ill try to post it at the blog, at I.M., and send trough mail as soon as i get the table of mails from you all (it was stored on the windows formatted HD), you all gonna receive the files and I hope to get a faster feedback then I could give this weekend. Gonna try to not work some day of the week just to mantain the project walking too, i just couldnt touch a byte of it the whole weekend.

My wrist is getting better but still hurts a lot to write, even with the imobilizer i bought that makes me feel robocop.

So thats it, sorry everyone, and thanks for understanding and waiting ill try to make things work this week as I couldnt this weekend. You all will have notice from me as soon as possible.

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