Friday, March 19, 2010

Code Size limitation broken. Internal tests killing windows7. G2 Stamper-job starting now.

Hello all. If anyone reads this here and wants to post on one of the forums, do so.
Just some news from Whateverland: I Broke the code size limitation of wich i so much talked. with that i discovered many many thing that i have no time to explain, but i can say that my code for ssdt overwritting in bios is useless when used in bios, and is not compatible with windows. this is already a good test result.
Since that light peak my secondary hd where the project was wasnt working very fine and now he decided that he doesnt like AHCI anymore, what makes me have to switch cables everytime i want to switch between windows and mac.
But this time instead of loosing the weekend reformating everything ill leave this all to hell, and accomplish what i promissed, im going IDE windows to stamp the G2 0.7 code right now, and ill only come back to mac os x when the 5 boards are ready to be sent to their owners.

Everything is slower now cause im using a poor-quality USB flash drive as the project source now that my secondary hard disk doesnt work under ahci and cant be seen by mac os.

So, way we go i just wanted to leave these news before i disappear for some time


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. =) I check your threads and site almost daily just to see what kinda cool stuff you're doing.

Cartri said...

Thanks for your interest, i hope im helping :)
More news and an updated chart will come in some minutes

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