Sunday, February 28, 2010


GA-EP45-DS3L Mac Edition Bios
Project Start Date: Feb 10 2010, 12:30
Project Status: GREEN | ACTIVE 
Project Mac OS X Version: 10.4.x, 10.5.x 10.6.x
Project Windows Versions: XP x64, Vista & Windows7
Project Linux tested Versions: Ubuntu 9.10
Project Release Version: v0.7h

Version Official Download Link:


This Download consists on 4 files:
1 - Readme.txt with warnings in english and portuguese
2 - Cartri Mac Edition Bios Manual.pdf with full illustrated documentation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting for the bios files
3 - 5DS3LFSC.07H - The Bios file for full-screen (4x3) Displays
4 - 5DS3LWID.07H - The Bios file for Widescreen (16x10) Displays

Please feedback commenting here at the blog! 
I'm unable to follow so many forums on this project!

Great thanks to all alphatesters who could make this board one of the project supported boards!

DISCLAIMER: Flashing your bios is a risky operation. Follow the procedures included on your downloaded zip file to use your system without risk. If anything goes wrong, this motherboard has 2 bioses and one can be recovered from the other chip. EVEN THEN THERE COULD BE ERRORS. By using these files you take responsability for any damage they could cause to anything.
All files provided until v0.7h have been sucessfully tested under both Linux (Ubuntu 9.10), Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6.2.
For complete sleep capability, 10.6.2 maybe needed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Does this bios support Firewire pci or pci express add on cards on mac osx 10.6.2 ?

my dsdt doesn't work with them or bluetooth usb dongle.


Cartri said...

I assume you are - o course - talking of the very same motherboard.

I couldn't test the pci-e slots but the 16x which is controled by the MCH not the ICH10
I indeed use an external pci card and can confirm that the slot do work, the case is installing/modifying (if needed) the kexts to the offboard hardware itself - this has almost nothing to do with the DSDT or the bios.

DSDT tables handles FIXED hardware, but with the abuse of the table editing by the hackintosh community due to hack needs some people are even forgetting whats internal whats external.

Any help, just ask

Anonymous said...

Hi, yes i'm using the same motherboard, it does not have firewire on board, im usng blackosx latest dsdt; and he had removed firewire form the dsdt and put it back later, i dunno enough about dsdt to look for myself, the only thing is the symptoms i got, i can use the firewire card without dsdt but no with dsdt.

im sure that the bios mod only affects internal hardware, but im sure the firewire cards and bluetooth usb devices have to interact with the mainboard hardware,,,

Anyway i should try your hacked bios to check if there was a problem.

any words before getting the plunge?

Cartri said...

Only that you have to follow the pdf step by step, that you can always reverse things back to original bioses, and that you should come here and tell me if your pci-e x1 card works or doesnt

Anonymous said...

I would like to congratulate you for the work
I have a GA-EP45-DS4, and I wanted to know if your bios could be used on this map.

Cartri said...

You can become an alpha tester, Your card is at Group 3 as my latest posts demonstrates, and this group coding has just been jumped just because of the lack of alphatesters for any of the 3 mentioned boards at the table.

To be added as an alpha tester please contact me with your e-mail and motherboard.

All alphas are done trough e-mail and kept PRIVATE

Anonymous said...

Hi , i have flashed my bios , my system is osx 10.6.2 , i have a probleme with alc888a work only some first boot , i have any dsdt.aml or other of my partition . every other matérial work perfectly , i have tected in boot plist to writen DSDT=carttri this was going 5/6 boot time and after no sound anymore

Anonymous said...

please find my email for alpha tester on EP45-DS4

Kerry said...

Running a EP45-DS3L. 10.6.3
Sleep still does not work, Tell it to sleep and its tries to but the system ends up powering off.
Only the Following in Extra/Exten

Johan said...


The download isnt working for me anymore. 4Shared tells me that the URL is not valid.

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