Tuesday, February 16, 2010


GA-EP45-UD3L Mac Edition Bios
Project Start Date: Feb 16 2010, 22:10
Project Status: GREEN | ACTIVE 
Project Mac OS X Version: 10.4.x, 10.5.x 10.6.x
Project Windows Versions: Vista & Windows7
Project Linux tested Versions: Ubuntu 9.10


This project consists on a hacked gigabyte bios file (based on the latest F9f beta bios for this board) wich you can flash to your motherboard (ONLY) trough Clean Q-Flash (without entering Bios Setup before Q-Flash), and, once booted, have a normal functional computer for any OS, and the possibility to boot under Mac OS X with enhanced features normally achieved trough the use of a DSDT.aml file.

The Final idea is having a bios that boots OSX (we will still need a bootloader for now but i pretend to implement that into bios in future releases) without the need of any DSDT.aml stored on your disk.

I decided to release my latest stable version at once. It will include these (and other) capabilityes to OS-X booted WITHOUT DSDT.aml.

  • v0.0 - Vanilla Bios with the apple logo & DSDT decompilation fix
    (Usefull for people who needs to make their own DSDT.aml)
  • v0.1 - CMOS reset fix for Snow Leopard
    (Usefull for people who uses other OSX versions among 10.6.x or who is planning first installation)

  • v0.2 - CPUPowerManagement Native load.
    (This version will allow you to enter OSX without the need of any other kext but fakesmc or dsmos !!)

  • v0.3 - USB1.1 ports seen as internal
    (This version removes the "Controller will be unloaded across sleep" errors during system load)

  • v0.4 - HDEF Audio Support!
    (This version makes HDAEnabler.kext no longer needed. LegacyHDA for 888 is still needed)

  •  v0.5 - General Code Revision version.

  • v0.5c - Adds ICH10 Chip SMBus
    (increases OSX stability)

  • v0.6g - Shutdown Fix
    (You will no longer need OpenHaltRestart.kext to shutdown your System)
    (This version disables COM1 UART serial port permanently on the motherboard)

  • v0.7a - USB 1.1 and 2.0 seen as internal with sleep capabilities.

  • v0.7g - Native sleep support!
    (Wake on Lan and Wake from USB must be disabled in BIOS)

  • v0.7h - Wake from USB and Bluetooth now supported!!
    (The Wake from USB must be enabled in BIOS)

Wait for the files to be released this night!

And please feedback commenting here at the blog! I'm unable to follow so many forums on this project!

DISCLAIMER: Flashing your bios is a risky operation. Follow the procedures included on your downloaded zip file to use your system without risk. If anything goes wrong, this motherboard has 2 bioses and one can be recovered from the other chip. EVEN THEN THERE COULD BE ERRORS. By using these files you take responsability for any damage they could cause to anything.
All files provided until v0.8a have been sucessfully tested under both Linux (Ubuntu 9.10), Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6.2.
For complete sleep capability, 10.6.2 maybe needed.

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